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An archipelago of many island and rocks, trap for small and big ships seeking shelter from storms or from the enemy.


During the years Søgne archipelago has been known for different event basically always related to sea disaster.


book skipsforlis og havarierA book has also been published by Jan G. Langfeldt, (picture on the left) with a cronologic act of different boat smalland big eaten up by the sea due todifferent circumstances.
And here we start our expedition focus on different wrecks,... Jan Hubert, Savonma,
Monsøy and Havbris, Kjel, Inge Mari, Am-Ma-Mer.





oneoceandot (4 days)*
oneoceandot 3 nights accomodation
oneoceandot Min. 6 divers
oneoceandot 3 double-dive with boat (2 dives per day)
oneoceandot Lunch onbord (pasta, grillmat, coffee, tea, brus)
oneoceandot Air included. (extra helium - oxygen)

Price per person: 4.950 Nkr


* it is possible to extend the duration of the expedition on request.