One Ocean Dive College:

dykk-school 03One Ocean Dive College works according to the most important criteria when it comes to diving-education: To educate people into secure diving, by means of qualified and experienced instructors!
We conduct our theory classes and pool training in the facilities of the training- and fitness-center Spicheren at the University of Agder.
The sea diving is conducted in our neighborhood, at Dvergsnestangen, where our base is also situated. We are proud to inform, that – as the only dive-center in Norway – we were rewarded one of the 100 best dive-resorts of the world, in the German dive-magazine "Unterwasser". Here, we offer safe diving-education throughout the whole chain.
Our most important issue is quality throughout the education. To achieve that, we, among other things, never have more than four participants per course. This is to secure that all participants gets optimal attention and follow-up throughout the course.

In addition, after having qualified, you are automatically given a free one-year membership in the One Ocean Dive Society dive club. This opens up a unique opportunity for continued diving, through cheap rental of equipment and organized boat-trips.
You also get the opportunity to join in on events like "Christmas-diving", (swimming around the Christmas-tree and meeting the SUB-Santa, among other things,) or diving with sharks in the Greena-aquarium in Denmark.

Are you new to diving? If you would like to learn how to dive, and haven´t tried it before, you should join an Open Water Course.
Are your basic divingskills in order? If you have the basic education, and maybe for a long timehave wanted new challenges, then you should check out the  Advanced Open Water Course, or one of the many diving Specialty courses.

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Do you really want challenges? If you have been diving for some years, and want to develop further, then the  Specialty-courses definitely would be something for you, but maybe even a technical-course?


Are you a Divemaster or Instructor, and interested in teaching disabled people how to dive? Have a look at our porgramme for DDI-Instructor-courses!



At One Ocean Dive College, we are proud to be cooperating with The Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society, and, within this cooperation, to offer different types of diving-education and internships. The One World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) is an ideal organization, which goals are to promote education related to the marine world. For more than 35 years, the OWUSS has organized and offered internships and scholarships. Their Philosophy is, that through investing in promising young people, and offer them a wide spectrum of activities within the marine sector, and give them the opportunity to work with influential people, leading within their disciplines, then you also invest in the future of our oceans and seas. Each year the OWUSS grants yearly scholarships to certain young people with this aim. The Rolex Corporation offers the financing of these scholarships, and they are therefore called "The Rolex-Scholarships".

Welcome to the One Ocean Dive College!



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