Booking informations:

The booking will be accept as soon as 25% of the amount will be received. The full amount of the booking has to be done latest 7 weeks before arrival. Remenber to pay all the full expense of the bank transfer.

One Ocean Dive Resort

Head office:
Årosanden n.9
4640 Søgne

Tel:+47 91628525
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Org nr:881 712 792 mva

Bank account:

Nordea bank, 202, Kristiansand 4662
Iban n.:NO 4763150504289
Swift-code: NDEANOKK

Booking informations:

 Payment  in Norwegian kroner .



If the cancellation will be done 6 weeks latest before arrival, whole amount will be refounded.
If the cancellation of booking will be done 5 weeks before arrival, 25% of the full amount will be charged .
If the cancellation of booking will be done 4 weeks before arrival or later , there will be no refound .