Dive boat:

dive boat02

r boat fylling station

The boat is custom built for diving. 42 feet with an 2x185hp diesel engine. At the rear, a large door leads to the diving platform. On deck there are 6 showers with hot and cold water to rinse the equipment after diving. You'll find outlets for 12 and 220 volt onboard. We can reach most of the dive sites within 15 minutes. We have install on the boat a lift to make easier to divers to come on boardspecially for tech pourpose. The boat has complete fully station with 150.000 liter air in a storage of 10 x 50 liters 300 bar tanks in cascade, combined with a 250 l Bauer kompressor.





Safety equipment:

Oxygen an first-aid kit is always on board. A PC based navigation system brings you safely home in darkness or bad weather. VHF marine communication and mobile telephone. Safety raft for 16 people and floating gear to all on board.








Automatic lift for divers to have easy access to the water.

Big space on deck for 6 to 8 divers.