Rental equipment:

Especially when you travel by airplane you should only bring the most essential equipment.
Therefore we offer you to rent diving gear. For those that have bought our dive packages to dive from the boat, tanks and weigts will be free of charge.

Any divers that hold a dive certificate can rent dive equipment:
You can rent per day or weekend.


Mail address

Phone number


Rental date DD/MM/YYYY - DD/MM/YYYY

Required accessories and measures

Foot size

Fins, mask, snorkel


Regulators, octopus


Pocket weights


Tanks 12/15L 225 bar

Dry or semy-dry suit



Belt and weights

Surface buoy

Service with quality in focus
Regulator bottle dive computer and valves, etc.
Dry and wet suit rep. and adaptation

Technical Service:
One Ocean has over 30 years experience with technical service and repair of all types of devices.
We can therefore offer professional service of regulators, bottles, valves, computers etc.
All service and repairs at One Ocean are performed with diver safety as the top priority. We only
finish a repair when we are 100% certain the fault has been fixed so you know that the unit is safe
and secure to use.

Suit Service:
At One Ocean, we also offer repair and maintenance of both wet and drysuit.

Please feel free to contact us.